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Easy Animation Script Using FSWebcam and Mencoder

My son loves making animations and recently did an after school club which he loved being involved in. I wanted to make it easy for him to come home and do the same thing in the living room using his … Continue reading

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Process Temperature Data And Display A Graph

This is the second installment of my One Wire Temperature Sensor With Cron & FTP tutorial. This guide will show you how to process and display the data files that have been generated and uploaded to our website. It is … Continue reading

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PiQuiz – An easy quiz for kids with LEDs.

This tutorial will show you how to design a quiz for two players. You are asked seven questions and the first to answer seven correctly wins! The game makes use of LEDs so you know how many questions you have … Continue reading

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Push Button > Take Picture…

This tutorial is a request from a visitor to this site. He asked how to take a photo when a button is pressed. Difficulty = Beginner Required: Raspberry Pi Webcam Push button/breadboard/wires First thing is to ensure we have the … Continue reading

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Flash an LED

Here is a quick tutorial for beginners to GPIO.  Making an LED flash on and off might seem quite boring, but if you don’t know the basics then how will you be able to progress with other projects! This tutorial … Continue reading

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My seven year old son, Camden, who is a hardened Windows user has made life very difficult for me to introduce him to the Pi. He was really interested in making an LED flick on and off for the best … Continue reading

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